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What’s Provided

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September 26th, 2011
  1. Maximum of 6/Minimum of 4 hours of required classroom instruction.
  2. Certified instructor..
  3. Handgun proficiency test is administered as a part of the 1 day instruction with a minimum of 4 hours of training.
  4. Fingerprints are now required to be completed at a FAST program location by the applicant. Further information about the FAST program will be provided at class.


New License to Carry Class Rates:  $75.00 Per Person

Invite a family member or friend for $5.00 off for each referral!

We also offer veteran and educator (teacher) discounts. Please inquire when you register.

Students are to bring the following items to class with them:

      1. A Handgun that is in a good working order.
      2. Minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition (preferably the ammo to match the weapon to be qualified with)
      3. Hearing Protection (Provided in the event the student failed to bring)
      4. Eye Protection  (Provided in the event the student failed to bring)

 Handguns and ammo are available to rent for this class. Notice must be made at time of booking. Cost for rentals $50.00

All handguns are to remain secured in the applicant’s vehicle until the instructor designates the time for firearms proficiency.

Questions?  Calls us at 832 350-6313

We accept credit cards